Thursday 1 September 2011

Aqua Web Design UK

   Hi Everybody,

   This is a short test blogg, my first ever.

   I am offering my services to make sure you have a quality web site available,
   have a look my template designs at

   I use Adobe CS5, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop amongst others
   I write in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Java, Ajax, Xml etc...

   I started a few years ago when I found that it was impossible to get a quick
   website with all of features I wanted on the web in time for an important event.
   Either it would cost 5 times more than I wanted to spend or it was using a fixed
   template and not personnalised.

   My templates are for ideas only, I use your ideas, your text, your pictures
   and together we can tweek the site until your happy.

   I have my own server so there are no back end fees,
   no % commissions on my e-commerce sites
   only the domain renewal fees and future optional services you request.

   My SEO has got me 40,000 visitors a month to a not very interesting local
   county specialist building company, which we converted into a decent sales turnover.

   I am putting my new web design site together over the next few weeks
   as the current site is getting tired.

   I arrived here after researching which blogging provider, these seems like the best option.

   Your queries are welcome.


   Steve Rollinson